I wanted to unite all the cadres of employees of the DOT i.e. the then Bombay Telephones who were put on deemed deputation by the so called federations who left these employees to face an uncertain future without any protection by means of monetary or moral support which a Trade Union is supposed to extend to the employees whom it represents.  To bestow justice to these employees, I and some of my close colleagues have floated your KAMGAR SANGH.

I take this opportunity to convey my sincere thanks to one and all stood with me right from the day one of formation of KAMGAR SANGH.

Here I would like to mention names of some of my close associates having like minded thought and encouraged me in my endeavor in floating this union KAMGAR SANGH and spreading the message to UNITE to root level employees of MTNL.

I am proud to name Shri. Ramdas (ANNA) Parkar, Shri. Vishwanath Ghag, Shri. Vishwanath Dalvi, Shri. Prakash Patil, (Late) Shri. Bala Chodankar, Shri. Ashok Sawant, Shri. Kolte, Shri. Rameshchandra Rajapure, Shri. P.N. Singh as some for their contribution in bringing the employees belonging to different cadres under one roof of KAMGAR SANGH.

KAMGAR SANGH was floated for the cause of bringing togetherness among the employees of Bombay Telephones (MTNL Mumbai) and shower benefits of working in a Corporation to them; and is successful because of failures of other Trade Unions and Federations.

KAMGAR SANGH has seen many ups and downs; but I thank the employees for their undaunted support shown by them towards KAMGAR SANGH.

Today, I am the happiest man, when learning that the employees for whom I fought inform me that they are happily living in ONE BED or TWO BED HALL Flats; when they inform or when I come to know that kin of these employees are studying in Engineering; Medical, Professional courses; When I learn that the kin of these employees are working in United States of America or any other foreign country in high level positions.

I get emotionally moved by learning the loss of life of any one of these employees or their spouse. The Shock of 26.7.2005 I can never forget in my life. It not only caused loss of life of some of our employees; but also has caused losses to MTNL. What ever might I could do as their LEADER I have done at the right moment; the relief on the faces of the affected on seeing me or my subordinates is one more incident, which brings tears in my eyes, when the thought splashes.

I really thank some of my subordinates in KAMGAR SANGH who left the SANGH and are not able to settle with one LEADER. I am sure, they will also come back to the fold of KAMGAR SANGH after experiencing the PROFESSIONAL Trade Unionism under the professionals.

I Thanks GOD, AAI JAGDAMBA, for not making me a PROFESSIONAL Trade Union Leader and allowing me to be a HOUSEHOLD of MTNL Employees till today. Yes I really mean it. I would rather remain in the hearts of the employees of MTNL than to be a professional trade unionist.

The Promises I have made to the employees during the election campaign and before 1999, to give them the benefits of working in a Corporation, I have almost fulfilled. By signing the Memorandum of Wage Revision on 20th July 2000 and also giving these employees perks to the limit of 50% of basic pay. Since the year 2000, I am successful in giving my MTNL Mumbai employees a good BONUS. The Telephone facility equal to Rs.1000/- rupees worth per month are not small achievements as being criticized by the other trade union leaders of MTNL Mumbai or those who left KAMGAR SANGH for reasons un parliamentary to mention.

I am very proud to be associated with SHIV SENA and blessed by SHRI. BALASAHEB. I have been blessed for the welfare of MTNL Employees whenever I wanted or my MTNL employees required.

I thank my MTNL Employees once again for keeping their faith in my leadership and electing their KAMGAR SANGH for FOUR Times consecutively.

It really pains sometimes to learn that my employees are being victims of those successfully misguide. Alas! I really do not wish to imagine the plight of the employees of MTNL Mumbai, had they elected the leadership of KARMACHARI FRONT during the 2007 election; the then President is now Where!

The Leaders of this KF are confused. They you know that they took up the issue of merger of MTNL in BSNL. They failed miserably, as it received no support from the employees or even from within. Then they took up the issue of repatriation of MTNL employees to DOT. It again back fired.

Now they have once again taken up the old issue of GPF Trust and asking for share of profit from the Trust’s investments as being done in the case of CPF Trust. I really thank them for praising KAMGAR SANGH’s functioning. Because of the two trustees I have nominated in the CPF Trust, the CPF Trust is now running earning good amount of Interest and the Excess of Income over Expenditure is being distributed among the CPF optees.

The same union has now taken up the same old issue of GPF Trust, which they took up during the 2007 election. I would like to clarify my employees on this issue. In fact KAMGAR SANGH has issued a legal notice through its Advocate to MTNL Management on the issue of forming a GPF Trust.

They are unaware of the issues they take up and end up in mess every time and even then they failed to learn lesson and they are so confused and are successful in confusing you.

I would wish to be united and I am sure with your whole hearted support I would be able to give you a better wage revision and most importantly, the Pension from the Government for those who have opted for Government Pension.