I convey my sincere thanks to all the employees and officers of MTNL for expressing their solidarity in my leadership in the matter of 2nd Wage revision. I am a happy man to have signed the MOU & the Wage revision agreement to benefit the employees and the officers with 30% fitment benefit.

I have made an appeal to the employees and officers during the VIJAY MELAWA for a donation to the majority union from the arrears of pay revision. I received overwhelming response for contribution of 3% from the arrears due. Accordingly voluntary donation forms are circulated through office bearers of your Kamgar Sangh. I appeal one and all to fill-up the form and sign and convey your wish to contribute voluntarily to Kamgar Sangh. I have plans to open a Degree college with Engineering, Management as its main branches. This will help children of our employees, retirees as well as those who have deceased in harness, and will continue to admit the grand children too. For this purpose, I have written to MTNL Management for allotment of vacant land in its possession or to immediately begin with to enter into a joint venture to start education program in Engineering and Management at the CETTM.

Dear colleagues you are aware that I have fulfilled all your dreams by fighting hard to get the desired justice to one and all of you  What ever I have assured to you, I have fulfilled. The two historic wage revision agreements would be a proof. In addition I have assured you of a better Promotion Policy, which too has been fulfilled and recently the NE 11 to NE 12 orders are also issued for implementation from 01.04.2009.

Here again I am making a promise to you that the Engineering and Management college would open for the children of MTNL Employees on preference basis. This would also generate employment opportunity for administration, teaching and office assistants faculty.  I am sure MY APPEAL to YOU all will receive a positive response and YOU will ENSURE that I am successful in my VISION to extend an EXTRA MILE for you and your family in FUTURE too.

As a result of ULC decision the pay and allowances of non-executives working in Trans & TXPC will be drawn by AO P&A of the geographical zones beginning October 2009. This will help these staff avoid travel to Prabhadevi from Panvel and Dahisar & Diva and Cuff Parade.

Due to reduction in Profit CMD has requested for less bonus this year refering to BSNL bonus figure of 3500 and 5000. I have denied the offer and quoted certain areas where expenditures can be cut and bonus can be granted. We hope to get a better amount than BSNL.

The Wage negotiations will resume once again on 22 & 23rd October 2009 as per decision taken in JNC on 10.09.2009.

The issue of Posting of Hindi Officers – Recruitment of Assistant Managers PR and HR for departmental candidates is under active consideration by the corporate office on our demand.

A financial grant for the next of kin of deceased waiting for appointment on compassionate ground is being discussed and I have demanded a handsome package for them besides retireal benefits.

I appeal one and all to be punctual to duty hours and render justice to the remuneration we are paid.

I thank all my CHQ, HQ, CEC, CWC office bearers for their active participation in the recently concluded KARMACHARI ABHIYAN. Your work does not end here. I desire all my office bearers to continue keeping their good relations with the root level members of Kamgar Sangh always. I desire that my office bearers resolve the problems expressed by the members of Kamgar Sangh.

As per my instructions our web site is being uploaded with letters and circulars and instructions from me. I understand that my office bearers have helped in submission of Special Reports for NEPP. I have come across the recent circular from MTNL stating that about 90 TOAP cadre employees Special Report is pending submission for up-gradation from NE 9 to NE 10.

Kamgar Sangh as per the general expression of the members during the Karmachari Abhiyan has submitted its demand for Adhoc Payment of Rs.3000/- PM till 2nd pay revision is finalized and implemented to all the MTNL employees.

While Kamgar Sangh works for the workers of MTNL, I desire my members do not fall prey to the attempts by other non performing unions and its leaders, who claim credit for what your Kamgar Sangh has done for you. It is needless to say that 1st Pay revision was given to the MTNL Employees by Kamgar Sangh along with the perks, hospital facilities, housing facilities, residential telephone facilities and so on.

It is because of the Trade Union Action Notice by Kamgar Sangh the Hon’ble MOC & IT Thiru. Raja has granted a meeting to Kamgar Sangh and the continued pressure built by Kamgar Sangh through the Hon’ble Members of Parliament of Shiv..Sena, the Government of India is under Pressure and the Pension issue has taken a shape and is pending before cabinet for its clearance.

Dear colleagues, It is needless to remind you that the leaders of FRONT has filed a petition in the Hon’ble High Court of Bombay for Pension and the case has been dismissed as it has no merits. The same FRONT and Workers Union leaders along with the newly formed SANCHAR Union has assured the MTNL Employees that they will obtain signatures of employees and submit to their leaders for resolving the Pension issue. I learn that some have even signed the petition. Even after two years of the signature campaign, and even after five years of rule of the Government supported by the LEFT and Run by the CONGRESS they could not resolve the issue. It is clear from this incident that these unions have done this signature campaign only to show to their leaders their strength in MTNL and woo the outside political leaders to enter the fray of election for identification of majority union in MTNL.

It is needless to say that the FRONT was led by a Gangster turned Politician as termed by NEWS agencies during the last election. You all know what the local government has done with their yesterday’s leader. Today, a part of the FRONT till yesterday, called as WORKERS Union has brought in another outside politician to the fray; SANCHAR Union has its outside politician leader. Needless to say, that such outside politicians come together during elections even during general elections and thereafter pull plugs and legs for CHAIR.

It is because of Kamgar sangh and the Hon’ble Members of Parliament of Shiv..Sena who have tried their best to get the benefits of working in a corporation to the employees who were sent on deemed deputation by the so called federations now under the banner of FRONT and WORKERS unions. It is needless to say that these unions and its so called leaders have caused losses to the tune of more than a lach of rupees a year to the employees of MTNL by not getting them the benefits of working in a corporation for 14 years.

(Extracts of speech by the President Shri. Arvind Sawantji during CWC meeting )